Chemical suit, Trellchem Super T-ET, “B” M

Item number 1022284

The AlphaTec® Chemical Suit is an exceptional gas-tight and warfare agents protection that is approved for work in explosive atmospheres. The suit protects against alkalis, strong acids, petrochemicals, chlorinated solvents, aromatics and oils.

  • Suitable for work in confined spaces
  • Durability while maintaining softness and flexibility, ensuring increased wearer comfort
  • Outstanding resistance to attack from a wide range of chemicals
  • Approved for work in explosive atmospheres
Full description

Full description

The design is a non-ebscaosularing design type T (with face seal and without hump, BA worn outside the suit). A ventilation system is included as standard. For the safety of the warer, it provides a constant level of overpressure inside the suit. The AlphaTec® Regulating valve MkII has 3 ventilation rates (2, 30 and 100 l/min) plus zero/off position. CEJN 221 male coupling for connection to the SCBA (requires separate connection hose). One overpressure valve on the chest. 

Following is included in each delivery:

  • 1 pce AlphaTec® Mini Hood for protection against inward leakage between mask and face seal, in case of jet spray from behind
  • 1 pair of cotton comfort inner gloves
  • 2 pcs extra locking pins for the Bayonet glove ring system
  • 1 pce Molycote lubrication for the O-rings in the Bayonet glove ring system
  • 1 pce grease stick for lubrication of the zipper
  • 1 pair of comfort silicone oversocks (only for suits with sewn-in socks)
  • 1 pce coat hanger
  • 1 pce AlphaTec® storage bag