Electrical car, fire blanket STANDARD, incl. smartbag, Bridgehill

Item number 1155147

The Bridgehill fire blankets are the most efficient way to isolate car fires in electric vehicles.

  • Fast – isolates fire in seconds
  • Effective – extinguishes fire in minutes
  • Simple – can be used by anyone
  • Eco-friendly – no toxic fumes or liquids
  • Universal – even works on electric cars
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Full description

The Bridgehill Standard Fire blanket is ideal for spaces with a high concentration of cars such such as Ro/RO and Ro/Pax vessels.

The standard blanket are suitable for normal size vehicles including SUV. The blanket is a single use blanket and is delivered in a smart bag.


  • Size: ± 6x8 m | 19.8 x 26.3 ft.
  • Weight: ± 26 kg | 57 lb. 32 oz.
  • Approved standard: 
    • EN ISO 1716
    • EN 13501-1
    • EN ISO 1182

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