Jet/Spray Nozzle, Plastic, 12 mm without Adaptor, 2" BSP Male, AWG

Item number 1050704

Hollow stream nozzles with shut-off for the delivery of firefighting water in the form of full jet and selectable spray jet.

  • Low weight and absolute corrosion resistance to seawater.
  • Low operating forces, extremely sturdy
  • The simple design means the nozzle is not prone to repair.
Full description

Full description

HS nozzles can be conveniently and continuously adjusted from completely closed via full jet to spray jet between 0 - 120° by twisting the rubber coated head. Switching sequence: Closed – full jet – spray jet. The spray teeth have flat deflection surfaces on the inside and produce a spray the centre of which is directed forwards. This results in a large spray jet throw distance. Large drops for reach, small drops for cooling. As a result, universal and effective use of the HS nozzles is possible.


Operating head: Rubber (NBR) and chrome-plated brass

Barrel: Extremely impact-resistant plastic (POM)

Valve plate: Polyamide

Valve rod: Stainless steel

Outlet opening:12mm
Connection:2” BSP male thread
Performance: 460 l/min at 6 bar
Working pressure: Up to 16 bar
Throwing range: 4,5 m at 6 bar