Marine evacuation system – VIKING, MSL, MiniSlide with landing

Item number ves4

The MSL MiniSlide system with landing platform is Non-SOLAS and approved with USCG.

  • Embarkation heights between 1,7 and 3,8 meters
  • Simple to operate and requires only 1 or 2 crew members
  • Slide length: 3, 4, 5 and 6 meters
  • Capacity can be tailored to suit the vessel's requirement with additional liferafts (Non-SOLAS)
Full description

Full description

The VIKING MiniSlide with Landing MSL system is available in 3 lengths: 3, 4, 5 and 6 meters. The flexible design is available for various vessels heights and comes with a platform, which is designed to be used with both open reversible and self-righting liferafts. Capacity can be tailored to suit the vessel’s requirements with additional liferafts.

Activated by one handle
The system is activated by one handle. The handle releases pressured nitrogen (N2) that opens the system box. The slide is pulled out and immediately starts to inflate with nitrogen (including 50 % over capacity) and air aspirators. The slide system does not require an external power supply.


SOLAS, IMO, USCG, MCA, EC and other national authorities