Item number B00201013002

VIKING Norsafe Mako-655 MKI Fast Rescue Boat has capacity for up to 15 persons and are built in accordance with IMO/ SOLAS requirements, LSA Code and EC-MED

Full description

Full description

Our high quality fast rescue boat delivers reliable performance and excellent maneuverability at sea. The boat is designed and manufactured according to latest SOLAS requirements, offering self-righting in case of capsizing and space for crew + stretcher

As standard the boat is delivered with K4-D hook, certified for 6 persons and installed with Bukh R210J, inboard diesel engine with Alamarin-230 waterjet.

  • Length overall:  6,75 m
  • Length on fender:  6,55 m
  • Height:  2,70 m
  • Weight fully equipped:  2.062 kg
  • Davit load w/6 pers à 82,5 kg: 2.557 kg
  • Davit load w/15 pers à 82,5 kg: 3.300 kg
  • K4-D FM Off-load release hook
  • Operational temperature: -15°C to +40°C as standard SOLAS (others on request)
  • Proven hull design for smooth ride and maneuverability
  • Optional engines sizes and variants can be provided