Descent device, Donut, SM/300N, 90 Meter, Safeland Marine

Item number 1055855

Donut Descent device is used as last means of escape for crew member from the vessel or platform into the into the rescue craft.

  • Simple and lightweight personal descent device.
  • Requires minimal maintanence
Full description

Full description

The Safeland descent device is light and portable allowing the derrick man/crane operator to choose the best time and position to make their escape – either vertically to the deck or from the drill derrick.


Material Tape: Nylon 66
Descende: cast alloy lm22 / black polyester coating
Shackle: marine grade duplex fmx stainless steel
Harness: nylon 66 ripstop nylon
Wire strop & shackles: stainless wire rope and stainless steel carbine hooks
Bag: pvc
Weight: 3,8 Kg
Dimension: 330mm x 210mm x 140mm
Tape melting point: 200?C
Approval: CE, Lloyds
Type Approval

Image: Numbers explained:

1: Attachment hook
2: Tape
3: Descender casting
4: Containments bag
5: Bag attachment hook
6: Wire strop
7: Instruction card
8: Eyebolt
9: Karabina
10: Light stick
11: Harness
12: Bag attachment loop
13: Nylon accessory strap
14: Emergency knife