Pneumatic line thrower, PLT Mini, complete set, Restech

Item number 1022278

The PLT® Mini is a light weight shoulder launched line thrower. It is very popular among users both at sea and on land, who requires a mobile line thrower.

  • Tailored sets for diverse needs, ensuring adaptability for various sectors.
  • Lightweight, shoulder-launched design for unrestricted mobility in operations.
  • Efficient line transfer over 30 to 100 meters for diverse applications.
Full description

Full description

The PLT® Mini is not regulated by any international regulations.


Sets can be customized by users' needs, e.g., sea rescue or fire brigade use. 

The launching distances varies from 30 to 100 horizontal meters, depending on the projectile and line in use.



PLT Mini Complete Set contains of:

  • 1 x PLT Mini Launching Unit
  • 2 x Projectile PLT Mini 100
  • 1 x Projectile PLT Mini Rubber
  • 1 x Loading Device
  • 1 x Line box 3.2 mm nylon line
  • 1 x Disposable 33g. CO2 cartridges (pack of 4)