EPIRB, Globalfix V4, CAT I, with HRU automatic release, ACR, 2830.62

Item number 1062969

The GlobalFIX™ V4 is a full-featured EPIRB loaded with high-efficiency electronics for performance you can count on, including an internal 66 channel GPS for faster acquisition from a cold start.

  • Highly visible LED strobe - Energy efficient
  • Internal 66 channel GPS – Faster acquisition from a cold start
  • User-replaceable battery – 10-year battery life
Full description

Full description

A protective keypad cover helps prevent false activation, and the all-new, user-replaceable battery pack has a 10-year replacement interval reducing the overall ownership cost and making replacement a breeze.

The GlobalFIX™ V4 has two functional self-tests to monitor the beacon’s transmission, power and battery performance, and GPS acquisition.

Not programmed.

Part Number

2830 (Category I)

Model Number


Size (no antenna)

8.13 (H) X 4.28” (W) (20.7 X 10.9 cm)

Weight (beacon only)

27 oz (764 g)


Internal GPS (66 Channel)


Class 2 (non-hazmat) lithium battery (user replaceable) - LiMnO2 (P/N 1104)

Battery Replacement

10-year user-replaceable battery (replace 10 years after date of manufacture or after activation)


High impact UV resistant polymer


4 LED Array Strobe Light


Category I - Hydrostatic release (Auto)


Out of bracket and wet, or manually in or out of the bracket


33 ft (10 m) for 5 min.

Output Power

5 W +/- 2dB (406.040 MHz); 50 mW +/-3dB (121.5 MHz)

Operational Life

48 hours minimum @ -4°F (-20°C)

Typical Performance

+48 hrs. @ -4°F (-20°C); Longer in higher ambient temperature

Operating Temp.

-4°F to +131°F (-20°C to +55°C ) (Class 2)

Storage Temp.

-22°F to + 158°F (-30°C to +70°C)


Category I beacons are designed to be automatically deployed and activated in the event of a vessel sinking. A category I beacon may also be manually activated while in or out of its bracket.Category I beacons deploy and activate automatically if the vessel (and the bracket) sinks to a depth between 4.9 ft (1.5 m) and 13 feet (4 m). At this depth, the HydroFix™ hydrostatic release unit (HRU) is activated and the beacon is released from the bracket, allowing it to float to the surface.Continuity is then created across the water-activation contacts and the beacon is activated.