Chemical suit, Ansell, Trellchem Super T-ET, w. boot

Item number 1022286-1022287

The AlphaTec® SUPER T-ET (formerly known as TRELLCHEM® SUPER), is the true workhorse of the Ansell gastight suit range. Highly chemical resistant and durable, yet soft and flexible, it has an outstanding performance record and users within all areas.

Full description

Full description

The design is a non-encapsulating design type T (with face seal and without hump, BA worn outside the suit) with boots. The suit can also, upon request, be delivered with socks instead of boots.

A ventilation system is included as standard. For the safety of the wearer, it provides a constant level of overpressure inside the suit.­ The AlphaTec® Regulating valve MkII has 3 ventilation rates (2, 30 and 100 l/min) plus zero/off position. CEJN 221 male coupling for connection to the SCBA (requires separate connection hose). One overpressure valve on the chest.

The following is included in the delivery:

  • 1 pc AlphaTec® Mini Hood for protection against inward leakage between mask and face seal, in case of jet spray from behind
  • 1 pair of cotton comfort inner gloves
  • 2 pcs extra locking pins for the Bayonet glove ring system
  • 1 pc Molycote lubrication for the O-rings in the Bayonet glove ring system
  • 1 pc grease stick for lubrication of the zipper
  • 1 pc coat hanger
  • 1 pc AlphaTec® storage bag