VIKING - the superior choice for marine and offshore liferaft solutions

Over five decades of experience in liferaft design, manufacture and service makes VIKING the superior choice for marine and offshore liferaft solutions

While second to none for reliability and durability, our throw-overboard and davit launchable liferafts are available in a standard version and an automatically self-righting version. This ensures that no matter how the liferaft inflates deploys on the water it will always right itself ready for boarding. VIKING liferafts are subjected to rough sea trials and can be deployed at very high wind velocities and extremely low temperatures. For use in Polar climates, VIKING offers a dedicated liferaft solution in a unique heated container.

Need an extended servicing interval?

VIKING offers liferafts with an extended servicing interval (S30) in all types and sizes. These liferafts are serviced using a combination of annual on board inspection and standard service at 30 months at a certified S30 liferaft servicing station.

Key liferaft features

  • Capacity of 6-150 persons
  • Safe and effective dry-shod evacuation suitable for all vessel and offshore installations
  • High durability with an expected lifespan of 15-20 years
  • Equipped with a hydrostatic release unit or released manually
  • Can be deployed in extremely rough seas and at very low temperatures
  • Self-righting, throw-overboard and davit launchable versions available
  • Dedicated liferaft solutions for Polar or coastal operations and defence applications
  • Supported by a global servicing network of 260 stations

Racks and ramps

VIKING carries a wide range of liferaft racks and ramps offering flexible integration with modern ship design, for several possible installation locations.

For more information, visit the VIKING SafetyShop