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In the offshore oil and gas industry, safety is both a core value and a business critical need

Preventing incidents that endanger both people and production assets is paramount to the offshore oil and gas industry. Having the right safety equipment is a key part of this focus.

Offshore vessels and infrastructure owners need reliable, smooth operations unaffected by safety equipment sourcing and servicing requirements. For an offshore rig, for example, maintaining uninterrupted production is directly dependent on having compliant, serviced safety equipment at full POB capacity. It is a business critical factor, yet many offshore companies rely on less-than-optimal in-house administrative processes to handle the complexities related to safety equipment.

In fact, sourcing the right safety equipment and handling servicing has always been a time consuming and hard-to-budget headache for offshore operators. Futhermore, the vast diversity of products and services in the market can be a minefield of hidden costs, even for the most experienced of offshore safety managers.

​We make sure you get what you need

Our in-depth knowledge of the offshore oil and gas industry ensures optimized and simplified solutions in all aspects - from putting together equipment packages for new built rigs, producing custom designed evacuation systems, supplying the right combination of personal protective equipment to tailoring flexible, convenient and compliant servicing concepts with full global support.

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