VIKING Yachting L000US01

Uncompromising safety

VIKING RescYou™ liferafts are full of features important to the serious sailor. We concentrate on details that improve visibility, make boarding easier and reduce possible discomforts. Yachting liferafts are manufactured using the same processes as liferafts for passenger and cargo vessels, ensuring sturdy and reliable quality. Our compact storage options don’t get in the way. Flexible valises or high gloss fibre glass containers make easy and elegant storage on yachts of any size and type.

Combining comfort and style with safety

VIKING's yachting lifejackets are designed to look stylish, feel comfortable and to protect. The lifejackets are slim and lightweight for all day wear and won't get in the way of your sailing. VIKING RescYou™ lifejackets combine quality craftmanship with premium features. For extra durability all lifejackets are double-stitched and stainless steel buckles are corrosion resistant. Advanced materials and the wide waistband make VIKING lifejackets comfortable wear. All lifejackets inflate in a matter of seconds, are self-righting and designed with essential safety features such as crotch strap, SOLAS-grade retro reflective tape and a highly visible lifting becket. In a rescue situation every detail counts.

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