More regulations, larger vessels, port congestion and more – cargo ship owners and operators have enough to focus on without having to micro-manage safety equipment and servicing. VIKING ensures all your equipment is of the right, compliant quality – and it stays that way through hassle-free and cost-efficient servicing.

You can count on VIKING

VIKING has been providing essential safety solutions for more than 50 years. We develop products that closely match the cargo vessel needs like our range of configurable immersion suits, which can be relied on to keep their wearer safe from hypothermia and cold shock for hours.  

A brief examination is all it takes to see that all of our products, from immersion and work suits to lifejackets, fire suits and accessories, are made with special attention to detail. In fact, many already exceed SOLAS requirements, preparing for tougher conditions and more stringent regulations.  

We’re ready with polar solutions, too, helping shipowners to pass confidently through frozen waters and harsh polar environments. Here, special features are needed for reliable functioning at extremely low temperatures – and Scandinavia-based VIKING has all the experience it takes to offer expert advice.

Service as you like it

You won’t find a better way to have your equipment serviced than a VIKING Shipowner Agreement. From liferafts to PPE and marine firefighting gear, we can incorporate safety products, global servicing, single-source management, and even financing in a variety of customizable and flexible, fixed price structures. Moreover, we have decades of experience in servicing our own and other brands.

You can also choose our Global Safety Product Agreements to help you acquire or replace safety equipment in a variety of ports around the world – without wasting valuable resources or time to find the right product at the right price.