VIKING equips firefighters of the future

VIKING Life-Saving Equipment has introduced authentic, approved firefighting gear for aspiring young cadets.

For younger generations who show interest in a firefighting career, there’s nothing quite as motivating as the chance to experience the real thing. Recognizing the importance of this, VIKING Life-Saving Equipment has designed top-quality firefighting gear for aspiring cadets.

The right equipment, right from the start VIKING’s move to introduce gear for future generations of firefighters is prompted by recognition of the importance of using the right equipment, right from the start.

“A firefighter’s gear is an absolutely crucial part of the job,” says Jens Peter Kruse, Vice President for global fire and personal protective equipment at VIKING. “The sooner cadets learn this, and learn to feel comfortable with wearing and working in professional-standard gear, the better.”

Superior protection While intended for cadets, the new gear is the real thing. In fact, it fulfills all international requirements, and is even EN469 approved. Designed using Aramid with a NOMEX® Viscose thermal barrier, the very same materials as VIKING’s professional firefighting gear, the cadet gear features a durable design with superior protection and excellent breathability. And it’s available from stock in multiple sizes that fit different body types.

Real-life features There are real-life features all around, too, such as a chest-mounted radio pocket, side pockets with closures, a lace intake at the waist for optimum fit, and extra shoulder padding for added comfort and protection. And an anti-wicking barrier at bottom of trouser leg minimizes water penetration, which is sure to be of value to the less experienced cadet.