Visit VIKING at SMM 2022

Set in the maritime metropolis of Hamburg, the 30th edition of SMM promises to be the most innovative edition ever. From 6 - 9 September 2022, maritime professionals from all over the world will take part in this long-awaited industry event - not only to get the complete overview of innovations, solutions and technologies - but to once more enjoy this unique opportunity to reunite with all the people at the heart of the industry

Welcome back

At VIKING, we can’t wait to welcome all existing and potential clients, partners and industry peers to stand B1.EG.504, where visitors can experience our full scope maritime safety solution, including a series of highlights in safety equipment technology and servicing. On top of this, the team at our stand will be on hand to offer you delicious Nordic refreshments and the chance to win unique prizes in one of our competitions.

This year, we will also be doubling up on the famous Happy Hour with the VIKINGs event - which takes place on Wednesday and Thursday.

Featured VIKING safety solutions at SMM 2022

Marine Fire service

Shipowner Agreement


Marine Fire

Lifeboat service

Lifeboat Service

Shipowner Agreement


Shipowner Agreement


In the world of global maritime, safety is first. But to stay competitive in challenging markets, we know that successful operators must continuously maximise efficiencies and reduce cost, without compromising performance - even when it comes to safety.

With a Shipowner Agreement, you can trust VIKING to streamline and simplify all aspects of onboard safety and compliance. We replace complexity with flexibility and reduce administration and operational risk - freeing up resources to boost your core business.

Smart shipowners subscribe to safety

While most of the 2400+ operators with some 20000+ vessels already enjoy our subscription based approach to liferaft supply and servicing, more and more are adding lifeboat service, marine fire equipment service, PPE service and exchange and LSA on Demand to their agreement.

Visit us at SMM to learn how we can help you achieve safety equipment compliance efficiencies at scale - all though just a single global partner.

Shipowner agreement wheel

Marine Fire Service


VIKING offers a comprehensive range of marine fire services, solutions and safety products to ensure that your onboard firefighting and protection setup is always fully compliant and ready to save lives.

​​​​​​​Our expert marine fire service team is supported by a network of 150+ port locations served by VIKING’s own dedicated workshops and annually audited, authorized service providers.​​​​​​​

VIKING continually invests in your fire safety compliance, adding new capabilities and competencies to provide efficient, fast and high-quality service around the globe.

​​​​​​​Full service control coupled with highly trained, certified technicians and an advanced planning system are some of the advantages you get when choosing us as your fire safety partner.

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Lifeboat Service

Lifeboat service technicians

Multi-brand service with OEM competence

VIKING offers a unique OEM approach to multi-brand lifeboat, rescue boat, launching and release gear service, maintenance, testing, retrofit, overhaul and repair.

Our large team of VIKING Safety Academy trained and certified service technicians have the competences to deliver the right solution for any project. Also, they work to maximize cost-efficiency, compliance and safety in the process.

We control the entire service value chain including booking, administration, spares, execution, documentation, training and support. This ensures that our customers can always expect unmatched competence, flexibility and quality.

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Taking container firefighting to new heights

Finally, there’s a faster, safer and more efficient way to directly fight costly container fires at heights on container vessels.

Container fires put your crew, cargo and business at serious risk – and they are notoriously difficult to fight, particularly when high up in the vessel’s container stack.

Traditionally, these fires have been fought by dowsing the burning container and its surroundings with water – a drawn-out and highly inefficient approach that can cause more damage to cargo than the fire itself.

The HydroPen system from VIKING Life-Saving Equipment offers a far superior solution and has already been adopted by several of the largest operators in the container shipping industry.


The HydroPen system makes it possible to directly extinguish container fires at heights, at deck & below deck on board cargo vessels. No other solution can do that.


The HydroPen is unique in the sense that it is driven purely by water pressure through an attached deck fire hose. When water pressure is activated, a turbine will drive the HydroPen drilling unit until it penetrates the container door, whereupon the system will spray water into the container to extinguish the fire directly at the source.

In the case of a fire at height in the container stack, the HydroPen system can be deployed using a telescopic device.


The HydroPen system will improve the safety for the crew, the cargo and the ship, and it will help the ship owner avoid fire related risks to crews and assets – along with significant related financial costs.

"We were involved in a recent case with Georg Duncker. In this case, the container was luckily at a reachable level from the lashing bridges. Nevertheless, the HydroPen was used with great succes. ..."

The Swedish Club – International Maritime Insurance

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Book a meeting with our safety experts

Whether you’re interested in full scope maritime safety solutions, equipment servicing, safety compliance or specific safety products, our team of experts are on hand to guide you.

Reach out to VIKING Sales Director, Mette Fur Lisby at, to book a meeting with one of our safety experts at SMM 2022.

Mette Fur Lisby