LSA On Demand

For your existing fleet as well as for newbuilds, a VIKING Shipowner Agreement topped up with LSA On Demand saves on logistics and cuts back on administration.

By ensuring the instant, fixed-price availability of the most common types of maritime safety products in strategically located ports, maritime operators can feel confident about entrusting safety product sourcing with the experts.

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What you need

Our global stock points supply an extensive, multi-brand list of marine and occupational safety equipment at competitive prices and a consistently high level of quality.

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Where you need it

Our global representation and worldwide stock points offers your fleet of vessels convenient and instant access to safety products in key ports.

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When you need it

VIKINGs LSA On Demand speeds up the sourcing and procurement process, making sure your vessels won’t risk being delayed in port while awaiting the supply of mandatory equipment.

Advantages of LSA On Demand

  • Minimized time and cost of maintaining a complete LSA stock on board your vessels

  • Quality assured products ready to perform when it matters

  • Full transparency in pricing with logistics costs included

  • Scheduled delivery at short notice

  • Available as part of the VIKING Shipowner Agreement concept

A global network of dedicated staff and stock points work to deliver safety on demand, saving you time and money.  With safety on demand, we make sure that your safety equipment setup is compliant and ready to save lives.

VIKING LSA On Demand ports

LSA On Demand products

VIKING LSA On Demand products
  • Breathing equipment

  • Additional LSA​​​​​​​
  • Firefighting equipment

  • Pyrotechnics

LSA on demand -

the original safety product

sourcing solution

In 2016, VIKING first launched agreements covering the delivery of additional lifesaving appliances at fixed prices and local availability from stock points worldwide, with no hidden logistics costs.

In these five years, we have established market leadership in the provision of single source safety equipment services under the uniform terms of the VIKING Shipowner Agreement.

In the dynamic maritime industry, change is constant. What hasn’t changed - is the priority given to maritime safety and, like the maritime operators already signed up for LSA On Demand, we believe that experience counts when ensuring easy delivery of fully compliant, multi-brand, quality assured safety products when and where you need them. ​​​​​​​

Safety in focus

All the safety you need: