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Onboard training

Ensure crew readiness with 24/7 onboard training and certification management

In an emergency situation, knowing how to operate safety equipment should be second nature for crew. VIKING’s comprehensive training solutions help to ensure confident, correct operation at all times.

Complete safety training and documentation package

Included with VIKING VEC Plus™ evacuation systems or available as a stand-alone platform, VIKING Safety Academy provides 24/7, computer-based training, enabling crew to train, review and refresh their skills during downtime on board.

You always know exactly which crew have completed the modules. And documentation is available at any time - with no hassles and no paperwork.

Faster and better training with fewer resources

VIKING Safety Academy modules can significantly improve the cost efficiency of your crew training by replacing shore-based activities, including travel and accommodation, with fully documented, interactive onboard training. Routine administration is eliminated and compliance is assured.

Build your own courses

The VIKING Safety Academy system is also available asa platform for designing customized, in-house courses. So you can develop and consolidate more of your onboard training activities with the same comprehensive tracking and reporting features.


  • Keep crew safety skills up to date

  • Convenient 24/7 access

  • Reduce administration via online status reporting from land or at sea

  • Customize your own, in-house courses
  • Save costs on crew training while improving efficiency

Keep your crew training and documentation up to date

Saatsea VEC master course

  Theory, testing and reporting – all in
​​​​​​​  one system

Introduction to Saatsea course
VIKING Saatsea test questions

There's more to VIKING Safety Academy

Take courses, develop your skills, get feedback from specialist trainers and complete or refresh certifications. Whenever you need to. You can also use one of our many training videos to ensure everyone's 100% ready should an emergency occur.

Comprehensive materials have been created to support training and operational contexts, including manuals, videos, quick-reference sheets, signage and much more. All designed to be clear, concise and easy to understand.

Additionally, our safety training specialists are always available to help you plan and optimize your training - or to help with hands-on training either on board, at your premises or at a VIKING Safety Academy facility.

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