VIKING Open reversible liferaft, type DKR, 12-150 persons

Prod. No.: L000DKR0

For passenger ships operating in inland and coastal waters

  • Open reversible liferaft type mainly used for coastal and inland waters. The floor is placed in between the two buoyancy chambers and a boarding ramp is mounted on each tybe making the liferaft fully reversible
  • The open reversible liferaft is not a SOLAS approved solution but is approved according to local authorities and flag states
  • The DKR liferaft are available in standard round rigid fibreglass container (all sizes) or in low profile fibreglass containers (up to and including the 50 DKR)

Size: 12 persons

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The open reversible liferaft is intended for evacuees ­likely to be exposed to bad weather conditions only for a short period before being located and retrieved. Fully reversible with the ­floor­ placed in-between the two buoyancy chambers.