North Sea gets 360 degree safety equipment servicing coverage  

The European Aviation Safety Authorities’ Part 145 approval of VIKING’s Bergen, Norway, servicing station heralds the completion of a ring of safety around the North Sea for aviation suits and lifejackets maintenance and repair needs.

Marine and aviation safety equipment manufacturer and servicing provider VIKING Life-Saving Equipment has now received EASA Part 145 approval of its Bergen, Norway, servicing station, establishing an unmatched level of coverage around the North Sea that brings new safety compliance efficiencies to offshore operators and protects their ability to operate.

Aviation safety legislation dictates that all companies operating in the North Sea area must have their aviation equipment maintained by a Part 145-approved servicing station. VIKING’s Bergen approval has finalized the company’s certification process around the North Sea, enabling its offshore customers to have their aviation suits and lifejackets maintained and repaired at Bergen (N) or at Aberdeen (UK), Den Helder (NL), Esbjerg (DK), or Schwei West (D) – or a combination of these locations. All five servicing stations are also approved to carry out maintenance and repair of VIKING’s maritime immersion suits and lifejackets.

For VIKING’s Jens Peter Kruse, Vice President, Global Fire Segment & PPE Products, the completed ring of approved servicing stations has far-reaching implications for offshore operators:

“We are now in a unique position where we can offer service and repair to our customers wherever they operate in the North Sea area,” he says. “It’s a ring of safety that streamlines safety compliance and brings highly desirable new efficiencies to support helicopter-based servicing operations.”