Digitalized on-board training eases compliance headaches

Shipowners and offshore operators have a powerful new, digitalized tool for tackling the costs, delays and sheer hassle associated with traditional land-based training.

Esbjerg, Denmark, 2nd September 2016

- It’s one of the hottest trends in the maritime industry: the digitalization of processes, immediate access to real-time information, centralization and networked sensor systems. And, listed as part of the ‘Digital Route’ for this year’s SMM, VIKING Saatsea is leading the field in technological support for safety training and compliance management.

“Right now, the maritime industry is facing a huge land-based training bottleneck,” says Rasmus Schmidt, VIKING Saatsea Global Product Manager. He’s referring to the fact that a number of shipowners and operators have been postponing STCW certification in the hope that legislation may leave a door open. But to no avail – the transition period ends on 31 December 2016, leaving just a remaining few months to ensure crew comply with new regulatory requirements or risk the consequences. And the few remaining classroom seats on land are unlikely to be a good match for crew and vessel schedules."

"From January 2017, some portion of many shipowner crews won’t be allowed on vessels – or they will become the reason, due to compliance delays in port, for a vessel losing money. And that’s not an acceptable situation for most shipowners, particularly given the relatively low investment needed to install and operate our STCW training solution.”

VIKING Saatsea to the rescue

VIKING Saatsea is leading a wave of new, digitally enabled ways to enjoy full control and peace of mind in all the complexity of crew training. And the company is being kept busy, not just with assisting shipowners to meet the January 2017 deadline, but with helping the maritime industry to more effectively tackle STCW and OPITO compliance than ever before.  “Our e-training solutions allow the theoretical part of mandatory training to be conducted on-board, day or night,” says Rasmus. “This instantly cuts a variety of costs and administrative hassles, from arranging and paying for accommodation and travel, to per-crew-member course fees and extra salary. And by enabling crew to move faster through onshore-based training, we’re speeding up the time from identification of a certification requirement to the certificate actually being available when it’s time to sail.”

VIKING Saatsea’s on-board refresher packages let vessel and rig owners keep basic education up-to-date by combining theoretical with practical exercises and reducing land-based training, for example, to a single day every five years.

From ‘nice idea’ to ‘must-have‘ capability

VIKING Saatsea’s approach to designing its solutions is quickly moving on-board e-training and compliance management from being a ‘nice-to-have’ to a ‘must-have’ capability for ensuring safety compliance. For now, the trend is largely being driven by shipowner worries about failing to comply with STCW requirements – and the heavy consequences if vessels are held back by port authorities. But there’s a longer-term, fundamental movement underway that will change the face of safety certification training and management for good.

According to Rasmus Schmidt, onboard e-training is an approach that has come of age – and it’s recently made possible by learnings gathered from earlier, less successful attempts to enable on-board training.

“We’ve managed to build a training delivery system that effectively deals with the challenges faced by other offerings. For example, to allow for the limited bandwidth of satellite connections at sea, our system sends small packets of data at optimal times rather than clogging communication lines or having to rely on DVDs that need to be physically updated. So it’s the first onboard system that will work perfectly regardless of the vessel or rig’s online/offline status.”

Live demonstration

Rasmus and his colleagues will be on hand at the VIKING stand at SMM 2016, (Booth B1.BG.510), to demonstrate the VIKING Saatsea solution. They will show not only what it’s like to be trained via the system, but also how crew competencies and certifications can be tracked from any location, giving the captain or head office functions access to valuable information and identifying potential risks to a vessel or fleet’s ability to sail.

See us at SMM, Hamburg, 6-9th September, 2016 on Stand B1.EG.504

About VIKING Saatsea

VIKING Saatsea is a developer of 24/7, fully customizable onboard Competency Management and Training (CMT) solutions for STCW, ERRV and build-your-own, company-specific training courses. VIKING Saatsea addresses the need of vessel and rig owners and operators to continuously train their crews on board by offering a combined solution that manages planning and implementation of onboard training as well as documentation. Through an online training system with minimal bandwidth impact, masters and crew can complete and register module-based theoretical and practical assignments, with immediate, up-to-date competency assessments for maritime and offshore inspections. The solution runs on standard computer hardware, and synchronizes with a shore-based server. VIKING Saatsea was acquired by VIKING Life-saving Equipment in 2012.  


VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S is a global market leader in maritime and offshore safety, providing and servicing safety and fire-fighting equipment for passenger and cargo ships, offshore installations, fishing vessels, the navy, fire departments and leisure yachts.

VIKING is a privately held corporation founded in 1960 with group headquarters in Esbjerg, Denmark. Products are manufactured in Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria and Thailand. VIKING offers a broad range of off-the-shelf and tailored safety solutions and systems certified in accordance with the latest requirements of the IMO, SOLAS, EU and USCG.

The product portfolio includes chute and slide-based marine and offshore evacuation and crew transfer systems, liferafts, lifejackets, immersion suits, fire suits, work suits, pilot suits, helicopter transportation suits, MOB boats, davits, pilot ladders, signs, and other lifesaving appliances.

The VIKING Agreements offer uniquely customizable concepts that incorporate safety products, global servicing, single-source management, and financing in a variety of fixed price structures. With 2,000 employees worldwide, the unique VIKING network of branch offices, agents, 260 certified servicing stations and worldwide stock points makes VIKING a truly global provider at convenient locations in all significant markets.

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