The revolutionary lifeboat hook system that’s safe and easy to operate

The Drop-In-Ball™ hook system can be fitted or retrofitted on lifeboats of all makes and capacities as per customer requirements

Safe release and reset

Normal release depends on the boat being waterborne. The system provides intuitive re-hooking and it’s easy to determine re-hooking status.

Needs minimal crew and time to operate

The system is released by one push button and can be reset at both ends by one person. The ball shaped hook enables easy and quick reset of the system with only few movements.

Low maintenance

The system has few movable parts and the components are made of high quality material.

To accomplish increasing safety demands, VIKING Nadiro continuously supports new leading edge developments. Our hook system is supported by global service network with qualified technicians at certified servicing stations around the world.

Key advantages

  • Hydraulic powered release
  • Gravitational forces keeps the hook closed
  • Intuitive re-hooking with a safe and easy click-in system
  • Easy user interface inside the lifeboat
  • Back-up release mechanism ensures reliability
  • Compliant with IMO regulations Res. MSC. 320(89) and LSA Code
  • Certified according to Marine Equipment Directive (MED)
  • Available as single hook and double fall hook system in 3.2, 7.5 and 12.5 t versions

How VIKING can help?

The need to modify or replace a hook will depend on your current LRRS systems and the flag state. No matter which solution is necessary
for your lifeboat, VIKING can take care of it. We have expertise in

  • Managing the overhaul examination

  • Planning and project management

  • Physical replacement

  • Performance testing  

VIKING’s global service network has qualified service technicians at certified servicing stations around the world. Contact the Hook Retrofit department or your local VIKING branch office to hear more.