VIKING Life-Saving Equipment and E.R. Schiffahrt have teamed up to design a fully customized, global servicing arrangement based on VIKING’s highly successful Shipowner Agreements.

Esbjerg, Denmark, February 22, 2011 – When it came time to renew its safety equipment servicing contracts, Germany’s E.R. Schiffahrt, a leading shipowner and ship management company, chose to take a leading edge approach.  

By custom-tailoring a Shipowner Agreement servicing contract offered by VIKING Life-Saving Equipment, the shipping company has managed to create a global servicing agreement supported at 42 locations with a single point of contact.

Working closely with VIKING analysts, E.R.Schiffahrt’s team went over the numbers, drawing upon their own experience and the advice of VIKING safety experts. The deal the two companies came up with is a comprehensive one covering liferafts, lifeboats, immersion suits, lifejackets and marine fire systems and equipment such as fire extinguishers on more than 30 vessels of the shipowner’s fleet. The plan is for VIKING to manage not just service notifications, but also the coordination of all servicing.

While lifeboats and marine fire equipment will be covered under a fixed-price servicing arrangement, E.R. Schiffahrt saw advantages in replacing other brand liferafts with VIKING products. Together with the immersion suits, these new liferafts will be serviced via fixed-price exchange, which sees products simply being swapped out as their certificates expire. VIKING maintains a worldwide exchange pool for liferaft servicing at VIKING-owned stations in 42 strategic ports. A number of new builds are also included in the tailored Shipowner Agreement.

Lutz Mentzel, E.R.Schiffahrt’s Procurement Manager, commented “Our company strategy drives us to constantly find new ways to lead the market and so we naturally apply the same thinking to our servicing contracts. A Shipowner Agreement made a lot of sense to us, particularly in terms of time-savings and the predictability of servicing costs. And VIKING’s insightful analysis helped us to customize the contract for our exact needs.”

“It’s exciting for us that far-sighted shipowners like E.R. Schiffahrt have the business acumen to revisit the way safety equipment servicing is structured and managed,” says Jorgen Holm, Sales Director. “There’s a lot to be gained by dropping conventional approaches and adopting new best practices.”

VIKING is experiencing heavy demand for its innovative Shipowner Agreements, which offer a large range of options and can include additional flexibility during the life of the agreement to cater for shipowners’ changing requirements.