Choose a VIKING Service agreement and save money

Move 70% of your service coordination
​​​​​​​to VIKING!

We've got the power to simplify safety

Managing onboard safety equipment is costly and time-consuming and,
let’s face it: a risk to your ability to operate. And it’s not going to get
​​​​​​​easier in the future.

VIKINGShipowner agreement wheel

A VIKING Shipowner Agreement offers everything you need to say goodbye to complicated safety equipment service planning, fluctuating costs and unwelcome surprises forever. It’s a uniquely customizable concept that covers almost all products and brands in a variety of predictable, fixed-price structures – anywhere in the world.

The world’s best global service network

Our expert service planners can help to plan, implement and quality assure service visits, ensuring you know exactly what you get and what it will cost.

Supported by 10 strategically located warehouses and a state-of-the-art service management system, the 260-station VIKING network works faster, more efficiently and more reliably than anyone else in the business.

Your Shipowner Agreement can be easily expanded to cover all of your evolving safety equipment and servicing needs, adding vessels and safety products under the same terms and conditions and at the lowest possible cost.

Why choose VIKING as your service partner?

  • We’re the industry’s Most Trusted Supplier (95% renew their Shipowner Agreement after 5 years)
  • Nothing beats VIKING quality
  • A purpose-built, worldwide service network
  • Unbeatable product & service packages

Contact a VIKING Shipowner Agreement specialist or ​​​​​​​download a brochure to find out more today!

          With a VIKING Shipowner Agreement, we can
         handle up to 70% of your safety equipment
         servicing planning and cost control tasks.

Save on yoyr safety hassles with a VIKING agreement