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raw materials and components

Please note that the contact information on this page is intended for procurement only. For all other requests, please contact your local representative.

VIKING's suppliers of critical and non-critical materials are evaluated before being selected and throughout the contract period.

At VIKING we are acutely aware of the importance of raw materials and components in our finished products. We continually assess and report on the products that we use and the companies that supply them.

When we are looking at a new supplier, we evaluate them according to whether they are supply critical or non-critical materials and the way in which we assess them varies slightly. Some factors, however, are common to both types of supplier.

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Raw materials, components and spare parts    

Peter Christensen
Global Sourcing Manager

Per Staal
Strategic Sourcer

Trade items  

Lasse Boesen
Global Product Manager Trade    

Personal Protective Equipment  

Niels Kjeldbjerg
Category Manager