VIKING Evacuation Chute, VEC (Single Chute)

Prod. No.: VEC

VIKING’s evacuation chute systems are the ideal solution for high-sided passenger vessels, which need evacuation systems that deploy quickly and easily to provide safe evacuation within 30 minutes. The fully enclosed chute lined with DuPont™ Kevlar® ­is fire retardant and protects evacuees from severe weather conditions during descent. It also compensates for ship and sea movement during evacuation for safe transfer into the system liferafts.

System features:

  • Evacuation capacity: 565 people in 30 minutes, or 317 in 17 min 40 sec (HSC)
  • Installation heights from 5 to 20 metres
  • Easy to deploy
  • Requires few crew to operate and little specialised training
  • Fewer inflatable components mean reduced servicing costs
  • Available with 2 or 3 high capacity 101 person liferafts
  • SOLAS emergency pack A or B
  • Reinforced chute with ­DuPont™ ­­Kevlar®
  • Complies with all international regulations ­ ­

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The VEC can be installed anywhere on-board; on open deck, between decks in an open recess or built into the ship’s side. Additional liferafts can be stored in remote locations and released by pump at the evacuation point. The compact nature allows for fast and easy removal for servicing.