Become a student assistant at VIKING

VIKING student assistants

Becoming a Student Assistant at VIKING will give you a stepping stone to a career in a truly global company – where you can see the world and do your part to save it, too. Our philosophy is that you are the driver of your own career. And we are constantly searching for the best brains to join us in further solidifying our position as a global market leader.

Working as a Student Assistant involves an average of 10–15 work hours per week – during which you will gain experience relevant to your college/university studies. At VIKING, your professional growth process is geared towards you becoming a performer within a specialized field of work.

To support the growth of our talent pool, we especially focus on:

  • Talent programs with fast, flexible growth and global career opportunities
  • Personal and career mentoring and development
  • A strong social atmosphere

You will be working at VIKING’s headquarters, located in Esbjerg – the center of a thriving region with a strong, professional business environment, outstanding nature and plenty of opportunities for sports and cultural events. Additionally, you will be added to our talent pipeline, consisting of more than 40 young people - enabling you to learn and develop with the help of both colleagues and fellow students. VIKING offers Student Assistant positions in:

  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Project Management
  • Sales Administration and more…


Eline started working at VIKING as a Student Assistant. In her first month on the job, it was interesting as a student to experience how a global company works. She became a part of the Business Excellence department and was given own tasks to work on. Eline assists with various improvement projects in VIKING. The tasks vary a lot depending on the type of project and how far in the process the project team is, but there is always a lot of research and analysis work to be done. Her best advice is to just try it, if you are thinking of applying to work at VIKING. Read more about Eline here.

Who can apply?

Open-minded, eager individuals looking to learn and who are currently working towards a bachelor’s or master’s degree in any of the fields of study previously mentioned.

Want to join us?

Vacant positions are always advertised on the VIKING jobs site.  VIKING is looking to bring new Student Assistants on board throughout the calendar year, with our strongest outreach taking place around the study end and start periods, respectively. Our outreach process includes visiting local high schools, colleges and universities to share information with potential candidates about the exciting career and educational possibilities at VIKING.We are constantly seeking great talent. If you can’t find the position you’re looking for on our website, please feel free to send us an unsolicited application.