Nikolai Skov

Junior Sales Executive (Commercial Sales Trainee), Denmark

I’m new here at VIKING, having recently signed up as a trainee for the next two years. So everything still seems fresh and a bit confusing to me.

I did get a head start, however, after completing my studies in marketing management at Esbjerg Business Academy South West I was offered an three-month internship in VIKING’s marketing department, where I was involved in planning and implementing a firefighting equipment exhibition in the US. At the end of the internship, HR asked me to complete a personality test, then we had a conversation about my future.  

Starting up again as a trainee this time, I’m in the NEMEA (Northern Europe, Middle East, Africa) sales department, where I am learning to produce quotations for our customers. Next up is training in the use of VIKING’s SAP information system, focused on the sales functionality. And there are plans for me to learn about the service side of the business, too.

After three months in NEMEA Sales, I’ll head to the VIKING Shipowner Agreement (SOA) side of the business to learn more about this important part of our offering to customers. Next, I’m off to PPE Trade – the group taking care of personal protective equipment trade sales. And finally, I’ll be sent to the United Kingdom to work for an entire year directly with our customers. In fact, I’ll have my own portfolio of customers to take care of while I’m there. What the future will bring after that, only time will tell!

"I’m new here at VIKING, having recently signed up as a trainee
​​​​​​​for the next two years."

Coming into the company, there was an awful lot to learn about our product range and how to fit products to the customer’s purchase request. I’m also still working to get my head around how things work in the sales department – helped by my colleague Simon, who has finished his sales trainee period.

The job description really fitted the way I see myself, and I think the job presents a great opportunity for me – particularly the chance to work in the UK. I expect to be given more and more responsibility and that, together with being able to handle my own customers, is very motivating for me.

What’s special about VIKING? Of course, the company’s history is amazing, looking at the way things have developed since it was started – particularly the way it has grown to become a global company today. As mentioned, I’m still new here, but I’ve received a lot of help from my colleagues, and I’ve got a good impression of the people I work with. It seems as though every employee is important at VIKING.