Kathrine Sunekær Nielsen

Global Key Account Coordinator in Passenger Division, HQ

I first started working with VIKING in the Passenger team as a student assistant. I was introduced to the company by Heidi Hansen, now working for VIKING as a Global Trade Executive, who started as a student assistant herself.

In November 2015, having completed my Master’s thesis, I was employed as a Global Key Account Coordinator in the Passenger division.

What does a Global Key Account Coordinator do? I coordinate projects for the VIKING Shipowner Agreements (SOA) for our passenger segment and Marine Evacuation System (MES) replacements. I assist the divisional director, which involves a variety of tasks from creating and monitoring plans and targets, to following up on strategies to ensure the division is aligned with other initiatives at HQ, as well as market analysis and cross-organizational projects.

In my first month on the job, it was interesting as a student to experience how a global firm works. I was quickly introduced to the tasks and I figured out how I could perform my tasks the best way. At times, it can be difficult to prioritize among the various tasks. Often, they arise from meetings and daily discussions, and many of these are very interesting, but it is important to try to stay focused and accept that it is not possible to be a part of it everything that’s going on!  

"I like the fact that I’m working for a global company with colleagues
around the world, which could lead to
​​​​​​​a position abroad at some stage."

I’m driven by my tasks, by being part of a team, and by a desire to learn, to become better. And I like the fact that I’m working for a global company with colleagues around the world, which could lead to a position abroad at some stage.

It’s a challenging job, but one where I have both responsibility and opportunities to develop my skills every day. During a typical working day, I start by checking my emails to see if anything needs quick action. Most days, there are at least one or two meetings, with some follow-up work involved. I prepare and complete various tasks, including preparing for my steering committee. And there’s always plenty of interaction with colleagues at HQ, regional salespeople and sales directors. I also have monthly steering committee meetings with the top management and colleagues from Passenger where initiatives and developments are presented.

One of the most interesting parts of my job is to be the initiative owner for SOA Passenger and MES replacement. That’s because, on the one hand, it’s not an easy task, and on the other, I get to talk to people all around the world. This also includes preparing for major events such as the Owner Sales Summit and BSM (Business Strategy Meeting), where I get a chance to share knowledge and information with colleagues from around the globe.

My job is constantly changing. The first major change was working here full time instead of as a student assistant. Initially, much of what I was doing was sales-focused, and I often worked with the technical department, which enabled me to gain an understanding of our products and services. Now, my work is more about developing the business.

VIKING is a family-owned business where employees feel appreciated. There is a good atmosphere among my colleagues and I really like them!

If you’re thinking of applying to work at VIKING, my advice is just to try it - I have never experienced such a warm welcome at a firm before. Be precise with your goals and identify your opportunities. Don’t be afraid to let VIKING know what you are good at and how you might fit in and grow with the company.