Boats and davits

Upgrades and retrofit

​​​​​​​Trouble free upgrades and retrofit​​​​​​​

VIKING Norsafe is a proven and trusted provider of retrofit solutions for both conventional and free-fall lifeboat installations. Our extensive experience allows us to generate engineering solutions which are manufactured and installed to aggressive timescales.

Operators can upgrade or replace obsolete equipment (due to age or out of date compliance) with minimum working impact and confidence that VIKING Norsafe will meet project objectives.

Installations are completed both onshore and offshore, with our site specialists working along-side operator personnel every step of the way.

Take a look at some of the upgrade and retrofit projects we have carried out.

Conventional lifeboat offshore replacement

An efficient replacement of a conventional lifeboat on a fixed platform in Norway.

Scroll through the pictures to follow the main steps in the replacement project.

Conventional lifeboat offshore replacement on fixed platform in Norway, VIKING Norsafe

Existing obsolete SOLAS installation

NORSOK R-002 compliant sections, VIKING Norsafe

Design of NORSOK R-002 compliant sections to suit existing davit structure

Davit sections for conventional lifeboat replaced offshore, VIKING Norsafe

Davit sections - fully function tested onshore - replaced offshore



Davits installed for conventional lifeboat, VIKING Norsafe

Davits installed and boats lifted into place offshore


Removal of existing lifeboat davit structure by helicopter, VIKING Norsafe

Removal of existing structure by helicopter

Onshore replacement of pivoting davits, VIKING Norsafe

Onshore replacement of pivoting davits


Replacement of conventional lifeboat davits

In this project, we replaced conventional lifeboat davits on a Norwegian jack-up vessel.

Project highlights

  • Onshore replacement of pivoting davits
  • Upgrade to NORSOK R-002
  • Removal of existing structure by helicopter
  • Instruction of new davits and existing boats
  • Introduction of remote simultaneous hook

Addition of free-fall lifeboat and davit

On this offshore FPSO we added a free-fall lifeboat and davit to increase capacity onboard.

Scroll through the pictures to see the main steps in the process.

VIKING Norsafe free-fall davit lifted into position

Complete new davit lifted into position

VIKING Norsafe free-fall davit welded in place and connected

New free-fall davit welded in place and connected

VIKING Norsafe lifeboat installed in davit

Additional free-fall lifeboat and davit installed


VIKING Norsafe free-fall lifeboats on offshore fixed platform

Replacement of free-fall lifeboat in existing davit

On this UK offshore fixed platform, we replaced a free-fall lifeboat in an existing davit.

Project highlights

  • No steel modification, custom boat dimension
  • Onshore approval including drop testing
  • Achieve UK HSE rules, 98 kg per person

Free-fall lifeboat replacement

Replacement of a free-fall lifeboat on a Norwegian offshore fixed platform.

Project highlights

  • New slideway installed offshore
  • New 60-person free-fall lifeboat
  • Boat pre-tested onshore
  • DNVGL-ST-E406 compliance
VIKING Norsafe free-fall lifeboat on offshore fixed platform

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