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Protective suits for defence and professional

We put your safety first - and that goes for our complete range of products - from the basic foam lifejacket, to the most advanced anti-exposure suit. No exceptions.

After all, personal protective equipment is the last line of defence when it comes to enduring and surviving the many perils that face professional operators across the most demanding applications of the seven seas.

Our PPE - your safety at sea

VIKING has the most comprehensive range of personal protective equipment for any application and while our commitment to safety is realized through a proactive focus on quality and performance, VIKING is about design, features, comfort and style, too.

In fact, it's the sum of excellence across all these factors that drive our unmatched value proposition.

To this day, VIKING PPE is a true brand of choice among leading defence and professional operators including navies and special forces, water and airborne SAR service and law enforcement professionals all over the world.

    Immersion suits

    Developed in close cooperation with users and customers and selected by navies worldwide, VIKING YouSafeTM immersion suits comply with all the latest regulations and provide excellent thermal protection, in-water performance, a good ergonomic fit and excellent durability.

    Unbeatable quality

    VIKING YouSafeTM immersion suits are made from the best materials and individually tested to the highest standards that one would expect from a world leading manufacturer of life-saving equipment.

    With several different styles, ranging from basic Neoprene suits to cutting-edge PU coated Nylon models - with or without integrated buoyancy, VIKING YouSafeTM offers the most comprehensive range of any supplier.

    Ice cold performance

    VIKING is the uncontested global leader in maritime safety solutions for use in Polar regions and our PPE is no exception. Tested for donning and storage down to -60o C, our top-of-the-line Polar immersion suits are sure to perform under live Arctic conditions.

    Key features of VIKING immersion suits

    • Comply with all the latest regulations

    • Provide excellent thermal protection and in-water performance

    • Good ergonomic fit

    • Excellent durability

    • High-visibility colours

    • Extended zippers for comfort and minimal water ingress

    • Detachable gloves to ease donning

    • Reinforced anti-slip soles for durability and safety

    • Designed and produced in-house at VIKING's facilities

    VIKING YouSafe Blizzard

    VIKING YouSafe TM Blizzard

    VIKING lifejackets for any requirement

    Our comprehensive range of VIKING YouSafeTM lifejackets combine performance and comfort with maximum personal protection at sea. Choose from a variety of models, buoyancy options, inflation systems and feature combinations suitable for different applications - all crafted to perform in demanding maritime environments.

    VIKING YouSafeTM foam and inflatable lifejackets

    While our VIKING YouSafeTM foam lifejackets provide intuitive donning, great protection and performance in an emergency - along with easy repacking and storage when not in use - our inflatable models promise second to none ergonomic comfort and freedom of movement during extended wear.

    Your life - your lifejacket

    VIKING YouSafeTM inflatable lifejackets apply a modular design philosophy that includes a contemporary 'fitted' look, striking the perfect balance between protection, in-demand design elements and performance enhancing features.

    VIKING YouSafe Elite

    VIKING YouSafe TM Elite

    Anti-exposure suits

    Made from waterproof, highly durable and breathable GORE-TEX® NARVIKTM fabric, the new generation of VIKING YouSafeTM anti-exposure suits lets you work hard and stay safe under extreme maritime conditions.

    Work hard. Stay safe

    Dual-approved, fitted and ergonomically enhanced, our suits are designed for constant wear performance across multiple tough naval and professional applications. Beyond excellent protection, they offer great comfort, flexibility and freedom of movement.

    Tailor made performance with extreme ergonomics

    VIKING YousafeTM anti-exposure suits come in versions with or without integrated buoyancy. With a variety of lining choices and a wealth of features, the suits represent a major upgrade and an ideal replacement for several individual items of protective gear.

    For the rugged professional

    Our suits are an all time favorite among navy ship FRB, RIB and MES teams, special forces, coast guard operators, maritime law enforcement, waterborn pre-hospital and firefighting services, lifeguards and all other rugged maritime professionals.

    VIKING YouSafe Hurricane+ anti-exposure suit with integrated inflatable buoyancy

    VIKING YouSafe TM Hurricane +

    Solas Marine Fire

    Safe and efficient fire response operations require the readiness of high quality, effective firefighting apparel and equipment approved according to marine and offshore standards.

    We supply a complete a range

    VIKING offers a complete range of fire suits, fire hoses, couplings and adaptors, fire extinguishers, breathing apparatus and accessories to tackle any type of fire related incident on board. We also tailor and supply A-Z firefighting packages based on individual vessel or rig requirements.

    Marine and offshore fire suits

    VIKING manufactures all types of fire suits for marine and offshore applications. From top of the line combined immersion and fire suits to traditional on board fire suit packages, we make sure you get what you need.

    Always approved

    All our fire suits and firefighting equipment products and solutions are designed and tested to the latest regulations and requirements ​​​​​​​of the marine offshore industries. Approvals include SOLAS/MED, USCG, EN469 and NFPA.

    VIKING YouSafe Inferno

    VIKING YouSafe TM Inferno


    All passengers and crew travelling by helicopter in hostile offshore areas as defined in JAR-OPS-3 must wear ETSO approved personal protective equipment including immersion suits and lifejackets.

    ETSO approved PPE solutions for aviation

    With an EASA (European Aviation Safety Authorities) approval, VIKING is one of a few suppliers in the world able to offer a fully ETSO approved system comprising cutting-edge pilot and passenger suits, lifejackets and category A STASS systems to meet any aviation safety requirement.

    The more comfortably you fly, the better you can do your job

    All VIKING YouSafeTM aviation safety gear is designed to ensure unmatched comfort, safety and mobility. For those who don’t always fly to work, we also supply dual-approved solutions (SOLAS/ETSO) meaning you only need one suit and lifejacket for boat or helicopter transfer.


    VIKING has a unique regional ETSO compliant service setup with 360o safety equipment servicing coverage in the North Sea with certified service facilities in; Aberdeen in UK, Den Helder in the Netherlands, Schwei-West in Germany and Esbjerg, Denmark.

    VIKING YouSafe Pioneer

    VIKING YouSafe TM Pioneer

    Global service and support

    VIKING offers a unique OEM approach to service and support. Operating out of 288 servicing stations worldwide, our teams of in-house trained and certified technicians have the experience, flexibility and competencies to deliver the right solution for any project.

    We control the entire service value chain, ensuring that our customers can always expect unmatched efficiency, flexibility and quality.  

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    Training included

    VIKING operates a number of state-of-the-art safety training academies supporting not only our industry leading maritime and offshore business areas, but also our defence and professional clients.

    Our VIKING Safety Academy provides operations and maintenance courses with practical training, e-learning and specialized courses. And training is included when you invest in VIKING Norsafe boat solutions.

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    Reduce costs and hassle of safety training
    - choose VIKING Safety Academy

    With a mix of land-based training facilities and e-learning software,
    VIKING Safety Academy offers unbeatable value for money.

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    The world's strongest lifeboat service solution

    VIKING offers a unique OEM approach to multibrand servicing and
    helps you streamline and simplify safety compliance through:

       ○ extensive global service network
       ○ 24/7 support
       ○ choice of service agreements

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