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Boats and davits

​​​​​​​World leading supplier of lifeboats and davits for the offshore industry​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​VIKING and Norsafe joined forces in 2018 to offer a full product range for all types of fixed and mobile installations – all backed by the world’s strongest boat and davit service solutions and training.

VIKING Norsafe products are proven in use and have been used in emergency evacuations. Many hold the world records for performance, making them the preferred choice of more operators and shipyards than any other brand.

In-house manufactured according to stringent requirements

VIKING Norsafe boats and davits are designed and manufactured exclusively at our own facilities to guarantee product quality. We lead the industry in the development of equipment which is assured to perform on a particular installation, at a specific location, in heavy weather conditions with compliance processes and methods that provide safety critical verification.

Our boats and davits are designed and manufactured according to stringent standards and compliant to all regional offshore requirements.

Learn more about

  • Winterization
    How we ensure your equipment performs in winter and polar conditions
  • Testing
    How we do full scale onshore testing of free-fall lifeboats
  • Operation and maintenance
    How VIKING Norsafe equipment reduce risk and complexity when you operate in the offshore environment

Offshore lifeboats and rescue boats

Davits and hooks for offshore boats

Other products for offshore boats

Global service for your offshore operations

Our equipment is supported by a fully certified service network with certified technicians who are always on call to ensure the safety of your offshore operations.

Whether it is a newbuilding, a retrofit or equipment upgrade, we’re the experts.

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Customized training of your offshore crew

The VIKING Safety Academy provides operations and maintenance courses with practical training at purpose-built facilities with realistic free-fall testing, e-learning and specialized courses to prepare operator staff for daily management and troubleshooting.

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Building a new vessel or platform?
Think total cost of ownership...

Investing in VIKING Norsafe solutions for your newbuild helps to
ensure a hassle-free
lifetime for the vessel - and keep costs to a minimum.

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The world's strongest lifeboat service solution

VIKING offers a unique OEM approach to multibrand servicing and
helps you streamline and simplify safety compliance through:

   ○ extensive global service network
   ○ 24/7 support
   ○ choice of service agreements

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Reduce costs and hassle of safety training
- choose VIKING Safety Academy

With a mix of land-based training facilities and e-learning software,
VIKING Safety Academy offers unbeatable value for money.

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Building a new platform?

When making boat and davit choices for newbuildings, there are plenty of design and maintenance strategy decisions to make – as well as regulations to be aware of. And short-term savings in the first phase can quickly evaporate as operational realities take over.

VIKING offers unbeatable safety and convenience with a well-deserved reputation for solving the challenges our customers face. Choose the world’s best boats and davits – we’ll take care of the rest.

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