VIKING parades top safety offerings at Nor-Shipping 2015

Marine safety equipment leader VIKING Life-Saving Equipment will appear in force at Nor-Shipping 2015, displaying both innovative products and services that are proving popular with shipowners around the world.

Shipowner Agreements

Few innovations in the safety equipment servicing arena have caught on as strongly as VIKING’s Shipowner Agreements. Based on the concept of fixed prices and centralized, single-source servicing for multi-brand safety equipment, these agreements have been rapidly adopted by forward-thinking shipowners across the globe. VIKING’s stand at Nor-Shipping will be manned by experts ready to discuss the options available and explain the popularity of this type of servicing contract.

Onboard crew training and competency management

VIKING’s recently acquired training arm, VIKING Saatsea, which develops 24/7 onboard training and management systems for OPITO and STCW crew certification, is releasing new “refresher” packages designed to help shipowners and offshore operators comply with the tougher demands of STCW 2010, which comes into full force on 1 January 2017. The system will be demonstrated at VIKING’s stand, and experts will be on hand to explain how onboard training and automatic competency management of documentation can reduce training and administration costs. In addition, shipowners can use the Course Creator function to design and streamline their own training and documentation.

Complete service offering

VIKING has been working to expand its service offerings, and can now provide complete support to shipowners across a broad range of needs including lifeboat and marine fire service. The company’s status as the leading manufacturer, combined with its expanded service portfolio, make it a hard act to beat, and lie behind recent gains in overall market share.

“For shipowners, there’s plenty to be gained from placing as many as possible of their safety equipment compliance tasks as possible with a single supplier,” says Henrik Uhd Christensen, CEO. “That requires, of course, that there is a global supplier with all the capabilities needed under one roof. We have worked to build this position in the marketplace – and shipowners can expect further additions to the ways in which we can help them in the future.

”Attention will also be on the red-hot hook retrofit market, where VIKING is currently serving a growing number of shipowners with its comprehensive LRRS (lifeboat release and retrieval systems) evaluation and replacement service to beat the fast-approaching 2019 deadline. As a global service operator, and both a Nadiro and Hatecke partner, VIKING is extending certified LRRS servicing to shipowners in all parts of the world.

High-visibility yellow steals the stage

VIKING’s new, high-visibility yellow PS4170 immersion suit is a star attraction at the company’s booth. Tried and tested in the most extreme conditions of the North Sea, the PS4170’s bright yellow exterior aims to increase the chances of rescue in difficult-to-spot situations, while its waterproof GORE-TEX® Pazifik™ outer material and durable thermal lining keeps the wearer safe and ready for rescue. VIKING has not compromised on comfort or customizable capabilities, either, making for a suit that can easily be worn for extended periods. Highlights include a top-quality finish with several reinforcements, including the knee, thigh and seat areas.