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Training Training and instruction Training and instruction

VIKING makes tailor made instruction manuals for each MES system installation

Training is an important element in VIKING's supply of evacuation equipment, and is supported by clear, thorough instruction material.

Training is conducted on board ship, in connection with new installations, or in special purpose training centres. Tailor made manuals are provided with each new installation and are accompanied by a training film DVD/CD-ROM. Our films are constructed from actual footage in realistic conditions to ensure that they give an accurate view of how each system works.

Experienced VIKING staff travel to the vessel and instruct crew members in the use of their new system. Training is thorough and based on the manuals and films supplied by VIKING to the ship. It is performed in connection with the installation function test, allowing crew to have hands on training in deploying and using the evacuation system.

VIKING makes tailor made manuals for each installation to ensure that instructions accurately reflect the system on board
Proper training materials are essential for ensuring that crew members are equipped to use life-saving equipment. The more they know about the system, the faster and easier they can deploy it. Good supporting material makes training better and easier.

Manuals contain detailed instructions with illustrations and photographs. Detailed arrangement drawings from the actual ship show placement on board before and after deployment. Manuals are supplied in two languages; English and the flag state language. The English manual is written in clear, easy to understand English, as many users do not have English as their first language. The flag state version is translated by professionals from English to their mother tongue - ensuring as perfect a translation as possible.

Evacuation system parts are also available for crew instruction – for example emergency packs with contents, handles, rings, etc. for hands on training.

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