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Servicing Servicing requirements Servicing requirements

VIKING's unique global network can help with all your servicing requirements.

We take the hassle out of servicing safety equipment

VIKING's unique network makes it possible for us to cover all you servicing needs from a single point of contact at your local VIKING branch office.

Our deticated planners arrange plan and book service at any location for consolidated servicing of you multi-brand safety equipment on board. We also perform service visits and monitor subsequent invoices to ensure that you get quality servicing at the right price.

Even where servicing is not a requirement, VIKING recommends that all maritime life-saving equipment and personal protective equipment is regularly serviced by a certified servicing station.

Evacuation and embarkation systems must be serviced annually.

Training facilities
VIKING has training facilities for passenger vessels and for offshore installations at customer convenient locations. All systems are thoroughly and comprehensively tested for total quality assurance.

Liferafts on commercial vessels must be serviced annually. VIKING has a global network of approved servicing stations, which stock spare parts to ensure that you can receive fast, convenient servicing at a servicing station that suits you.

Inflatable SOLAS lifejackets must also be serviced once a year. VIKING recommends that all types of lifejackets and personal protective equipment are sent to a VIKING certified servicing station for annual service.