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Servicing Servicing in the long term Servicing in the long term

An important consideration when investing in safety equipment is servicing in the long term

VIKING is a global all-in-one service provider offering consolidated servicing of safety equipment on board. We offer total concept service packages including global competitive pricing, handling specifications and service certificates.

Our unique network of 270 certified servicing stations follows strict guidelines for servicing VIKING’s products. The network is supported by certified educational programmes, spare parts supply and continually updated online information and manuals.

Service can be booked by contacting any of our offices in our global network. Contact your local office for the nearest VIKING certified servicing station.

VIKING has decades of experience in servicing liferafts. Our unique global servicing network of trained, experienced staff carries out customer convenient liferaft servicing.

MES: Marine Evacuation Systems
Certified servicing stations perform thorough servicing of marine evacuation systems when and where you need it.

Lifeboats, davits and release hooks

VIKING’s experienced personnel carry out on site servicing and maintenance of lifeboats, davits, release hooks and other lifeboat related products in many locations. Contact us for the closest certified station for servicing lifeboats and related products.

PPE: immersion suits and lifejackets
Selected stations service immersion suits and lifejackets. Servicing and repairs are carried out with meticulous care and attention to detail. VIKING can also offer servicing packages and customised fleet solutions with optimal conditions.

Fire equipment
VIKING can service stationary and portable fire equipment from several bases. Contact your VIKING office or dealer for your nearest certified servicing station for fire equipment