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VIKING's yachting liferafts are often rated best by independent sources e.g. in magazine tests

Our liferafts for the yachting sector are constructed from natural rubber which is stronger and more flexible than other materials. They are durable and can be stored either in a high polished sturdy storage container or in a handy portable valise.

VIKING makes yachting liferafts using the same processes as liferafts for passenger and cargo vessels, ensuring sturdy, reliable quality.

Special design features
VIKING's yachting liferafts are designed with large openings for improved visibility and to allow for helicopter rescue directly from the liferaft.

VIKING RescYou™ liferafts have a recommended 3 year service interval unless otherwise specified by local regulations.

VIKING RescYou liferafts range

VIKING RescYou Pro
Our top of the range liferaft, voted best in several independent tests, is the ultimate liferaft for all types of yachting and the perfect choice for ocean sailing. The first self-righting liferaft on the market, it always rights itself ready for boarding, no matter how it lands in the water.

See datasheet for the liferaft here

Our high quality standard yachting liferaft is ideal for cruising and short international voyages. They are built to be durable and stable. The inflatable ramp makes entry from the water faster and easier.

See datasheet for the liferaft here

VIKING RescYou™ Coastal
The smart, basic ISO 2 standard liferaft for coastal or inland sailing.

See datasheet for the liferaft here