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Selstair by VIKING

VIKING’s unique Selstair personnel transfer system improves access to offshore installations. The system is quickly and easily launched with a remote control option.

Safe, controlled and convenient access

It is essential that high capacity safety equipment is easy to operate by a minimum of crew. Remote launching and rapid deployment are considerable advantages when disembarking or boarding offshore installations. Selstair consists of a collapsible staircase that can be lowered either to sea or above sea for personnel transfer to vessel. The system is deployed by pure gravity and electrical power is only needed for retrieval. Non-slip aluminium steps and landings, handrails and safety net around the staircase guarantee safe transfer for all.

Selstair components
Container (optional) incl. winch
Stabilising weight
Module for interface with vessel
Remote control

Designed to customer specifications
The system can be custom designed according to customer specifications such as:
Interface with vessel

Maintenance and service
Stairs are stored inside the container when not in use. This protects the system from the harsh environment and reduces maintenance to a minimum. Selstair has few movable parts. This makes its maintenance easier.

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