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A wide variety of approved pilot and transportation suits for comfort and protection

VIKING offers special designs of immersion suits for various types of aircraft and use only top quality material that allows the body to breathe for comfort during extended wear.

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Comfort during extended wear is important for helicopter pilots and passengers, also to ensure that they are worn properly throughout the flight. Our suits provide at least six hours of protection from hypothermia when in the water.

VIKING has extensive experience in supplying specialised pilot suits, and custom designs to suit exacting requirements. Zips are placed differently depending on the aircraft type and the position of the safety straps. Pockets are strategically placed for easy access and can include map and pencil pockets. Some VIKING suits have re-breathers incorporated into flight suits. VIKING also supplies suits that are designed to combine transportation and work suits, eliminating the need to change suit on arrival offshore.

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Combined Offshore helicopter transportation & Immersion suit

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