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Products Product overview Passenger Evacuation
VIKING's marine evacuation systems are designed to evacuate the maximum number of passengers safely in the minimum amount of time.

Our advanced, flexible systems are proven to be safe, stable and are trusted by passengers and crew worldwide.

Dual Chute Systems
VIKING Evacuation Dual Chute is our most advanced evacuation system. It has the highest approved capacity and is ideal for great cruise ships. It provides fast and easy evacuation and takes up a rather small space when stored on board.

Chute Systems
This advanced evacuation system is ideal for high sided passenger vessels and provides fast and easy evacuation for even the largest ships.

MiniChute Systems
The system is especially lightweight and compact, and is fully contained in the stowage unit for installation almost anywhere on board. Designed specifically for vessels with low embarkation deck heights.

Slide Systems
VIKING's Evacuation Slide systems provide rapid evacuation for large vessels and can be installed at extreme for and aft positions.

MiniSlide Systems
VIKING's range of evacuation MiniSlide systems are designed specifically for vessels with low embarkation deck heights in a variety of versions to suit most ferries and super yachts.
Direct boarding liferafts
VIKING’s unique direct boarding concept is the ideal rapid mass evacuation solution for vessels with low evacuation deck heights.