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Products Product overview Liferafts
VIKING’s liferafts are second to none for reliability and durability. Over 45 years of experience in designing and producing liferafts - and feedback from the industry - ensures that our liferafts are the best choice for maritime evacuation in an emergency.

Our liferafts are available in a standard version and a top of the line automatically self-righting version. The proven self-righting liferafts ensure that no matter how the liferaft inflates in the water it will always right itself ready for boarding.

Throw overboard liferafts
Throw overboard liferafts are designed to be used as independent units or as part of evacuation systems. They can be stored almost anywhere on racks and ramps, saving valuable deck space and causing minimal disruption to sea views.

Davit-launched liferafts
VIKING davit-launched liferafts can be used almost any type of vessel, regardless of deck height or hull shape. They can be used as evacuation systems on their own, or in combination with mass evacuation systems.

Polar liferafts
VIKING’s Polar liferaft is specially designed and tested to withstand the harsh conditions typical of Arctic regions and can function at temperatures as low as -50. The float free device (HAMMAR HRU) has also been tested at Arctic temperatures.

Defence liferafts
VIKING custom designs and manufactures a special liferaft range that includes aviation liferafts for aeroplanes and helicopters, Means of Rescue liferafts, liferafts in fragmentation safe containers, and buoyant
safety apparatus.

Yachting liferafts
Our liferafts for the yachting sector are constructed from natural rubber which is stronger and more flexible than other materials. They are durable and hard wearing, and come in a high polished sturdy storage container.
IBA liferafts
For passenger ships and ferries operation in inland and coastal waters.