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Maximum personal protection with innovative use of quality materials

VIKING produces a range of lifejackets for commercial, leisure and for special use.

SOLAS approved
Our SOLAS approved lifejackets have been designed to enable persons working near water to operate in complete safety. Their light weight and modern design make them comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time.

Securing freeboard
Certain SOLAS lifejackets by VIKING can turn an unconscious person to an optimal floating angle with a face up position
securing freeboard.

Comfort during extended wear
Our inflatable lifejackets are designed for maximum comfort and freedom of movement during longer periods for those working near water. Some of our lifejackets have special covers that are wipe clean or designed for welding.

Our yachting lifejackets are designed to look good, be lightweight and allow unihibited movement.

Annual servicing of your VIKING lifejacket by an approved servicing station is recommended.

Loaded with features
Lifting becket for effective retrieval
Retro-reflective trim
Light & whistle
Crotch strap for optimal floating position
Increased buoyancy 180 – 275 N
Lightweight and flexible
Maximum comfort & range-of-motion
Washable cover
Designed to fit virtually any body type
Custom lettering available upon request

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