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Fire protective clothing by VIKING

For the latest in design and technology for comfort and protection.

Fire-fighting is tough business. Your protective clothing shouldn't make it any tougher. At VIKING we understand that a lightweight and flexible fire-suit is essential for your safety and mobility in a dangerous fire-fighting situation.

Chosen by fire departments across the globe
VIKING's state of the art fire-suits are developed in close cooperation withour demanding international customers. this means we can deliver innovative suits with special features as well as standard models.

Custom made and approved
We can custom design according to specification to approved standards or to a higher level of protection. All VIKING fire-suits fulfil international requirements for radiant heat and flame protection, such as EN469, NFPA, Hupf, bFV and SOLAS.

Fire protection

VIKING offers a wide range of fire-fighting suits and related accessories
with a focus on reducing heat stress

Innovative use of the best fabrics
VIKING's innovative design allows fire-fighters to conserve energy and concentrate fully on the business of saving lives. Our designers know fabrics and they know what it takes to create
fire-fighting suits with the best comination of fabrics and features for optimal protection, durability and freedom of movement.

It's all about the critical time factor
Protection against heat and fire, flash over and reducing the risk of heat stress is our main concern. The difference between pain and second degree burn is a mere 54F (approx.) increase in skin temperature. A stressed fire-fighter consumes up to 30-40% more air, reducing time on SCBA's.

VIKING provides fire-fighting suits at the lowest possible weight in relation to protection. Our specially designed fire-fighting suits with innovative use of multiple thermal layers, good ventilation and flexibility extend effective fire-fighting efforts by postponing the need to withdraw due to heat stress.

Quality and comfort
VIKING fire suits are made exclusively from top quality fabrics. We have a close cooperation with, among others, W.L. Gore & Associates and DuPont™ Nomex Partner Program.

Our designers know a good fit and extra features are important for comfort during extended periods of wear. Contact us and see for yourself what makes VIKING fire-fighting suits so special.

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Fire fighting

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