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VIKING custom designs and manufactures special liferafts to specific customer specifications

Our experienced, highly qualified team designs and tests liferafts customised for specific customer needs, such as equipment protection under enemy gunfire and particular needs when evacuating people from the water onto a vessel.

Specially designed to protect lives under enemy fire

We supply liferafts in fragmentation proof liferaft containers for vessels that are at risk from enemy fire. Some defence liferafts have entry steps designed to help evacuees out of the water and into the liferaft quickly and easily. NIR (near infra red) lights are almost invisible to the naked eye and are located with special search and rescue equipment.

Means of rescue liferafts provide safe and comfortable sea recovery
They are designed for easy boarding from the water. Netting around the liferaft keeps evacuees safely inside while being winched to safety. Important all-round visibility ensures that evacuees in the water can be seen by those inside the liferaft.

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