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VIKING is an innovator in defence life-saving systems

Our innovative range of marine evacuation systems are trusted by crews worldwide. They are based on our standard MES systems and adapted where necessary to suit the particular needs of the defence industry.

VIKING has developed unique fragmentation and shock proof containers that keep evacuation equipment safe under enemy fire. Our navy liferafts with special features, including special boarding steps and NIR lights, are used in combination with evacuation systems and already protect the crew of defence vessels worldwide.

VIKING evacuation systems provide rapid, safe escape in an emergency

Chute and MiniChute systems
Ideal for high sided vessels, providing fast and easy evacuation for even the largest ships. Lightweight and compact system, fully contained in the stowage unit for installation almost anywhere on board.

The fully enclosed chute lined with DuPont™ Kevlar protects evacuees from severe weather conditions during descent and compensates for ship and sea movement during evacuation for safe transfer into the system liferafts.

Further information in VIKING Safetyshop

Slide and MiniSlide systems
A wide range of evacuation systems that can be suited to match any ship design and capacity.

The angle of the full sized slide allows for installation in extreme for and aft positions on board ship, yet still avoid critical areas when deployed. They are also the ideal solution for vessels with unusual shaped hulls.

MiniSlide systems take up the minimum of deck space, the same as a standard liferaft container, and can be stowed on standard steel or aluminium racks.

Additional liferafts can be positioned almost anywhere on board and remotely released when needed.

Further information in VIKING Safetyshop

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