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More than two decades experience in defence safety equipment

VIKING is an innovator in defence life-saving equipment for land, sea and air. We offer a choice of product packages and systems that are standard or tailor made.

VIKING has more than two decades of experience in supplying first class safety equipment to the most demanding of sectors, and our products protect the lives of defence personnel worldwide.

Unique products supported by unique network
VIKING supplies a full package of marine life-saving equipment, including unique chute and slide based evacuation systems, special shock and vibration proof containers, navy liferafts and lifejackets. Our special knowledge of marine products makes us the supplier of choice on board Nordic naval vessels and protects the lives of navies throughout Europe. We also supply an extensive range of specialised pilot suits, combination flight and immersion suits, transportation suits and unique body armour for land and air based operations.

Marine Evacuation
Evacuation Chute
Evacuation MiniChute
Evacuation Slide
Evacuation MiniSlide

Boats & Davits
MOB boats
Fast rescue boats (FRB)
Davits and hooks
Throw overboard
Direct boarding
Means of rescue

Lifesaving appliances
Pyrotechnics and distress signals
Respiratory equipment
Chemical protection
Fire-fighting equipment
Protective Clothing
Immersion suits
Work suits
Pilot and transportation suits

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