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About VIKING Business facts Business facts

VIKING in brief

VIKING is a market leader in maritime safety, providing and servicing essential safety equipment for passenger and commercial vessels, offshore installations and vessels, the defence sector, industrial fire fighting as well as leisure yachts.

The VIKING headquarters are located in Denmark. Our products are manufactured at three locations: Denmark, Norway and Thailand. We have a unique network of subsidiaries, agents and 270 certified servicing stations.
A Danish privately held corporation with the Tage Sørensen family as the ultimate owner
Established in 1960 as Nordisk Gummibådsfabrik. The name was changed in 1993 to VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S
Represented in 70 locations in 27 countries
270 servicing stations worldwide incl. VIKING owned
1800 employees worldwide
Unique network of agents and worldwide stock points
Overall global turnover of >1500 DKK million (2012)

Core business areas are manufacturing, sales and service

to following segments

Passenger Fire
Cargo Yachting
Offshore Fishing

Product portfolio

Passenger Evacuation Systems:
Chute based systems
Slide based systems
Offshore Evacuation Systems:
Chute based systems
Stair based crew mobility systems

Personal Protective Equipment:
Immersion and work suits
Transportation suits
Pilot suits
Fire suits

Throw overboard
Direct Boarding
Special Purpose

Life-saving appliances
Defence Evacuation Systems:
Chute based systems
Slide based systems