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VIKING's evacuation slide systems combine high capacity with flexibility

VIKING offers a range of slide systems to suit passenger vessels and super yachts.

VES double track, SOLAS approved
The VIKING Evacuation Slide, or VES, combines flexible installation
with high capacity.

VES single track
The VIKING Evacuation single track slide, or VES-ED, is a medium capacity slide system with flexible installation.

VIKING Evacuation Slide

Flexible installation and capacity
The VIKING Evacuation Slide, or VES, is a high capacity evacuation system that can be suited to match any ship design and capacity.

The angle of the slide allows for installation in extreme for and aft positions on board ship, yet still avoid critical areas when deployed. Additional liferafts can be positioned almost anywhere on board and remotely released when needed.

A range of liferaft sizes, from 25 person to 101 person, can be used with the system and combined to suit the exact capacity requirements of the ship.

The system can be built in flush to the vessel's side to blend discreetly into the ship's design.

Evacuation can commence before liferafts are fully inflated
The landing platform saves valuable time in an emergency situation as evacuation can commence before the liferafts are completely inflated. Several evacuees can descend the double slide at the same time and access the system liferafts from the landing station. The platform can also be disengaged from the slide and function as a supplementary rescue unit.

VIKING's special angle provides stability

The 30 angle of the slide compensates for sea and ship movement, even in heavy weather.

Can also be used as means of rescue and embarkation systems
Grab lines along the length of slide allows evacuees to pull themselves up from the water and board the ship. Specially designed stretchers are available for the system that allow for rescue from the water to ship for those unable to pull themselves up using the grab lines.

Grab lines allow crew members to return to the vessel during or after evacuation.

Special features

Evacuates 657 people within 30 minutes, or at least 386 within 17 min 40 sec
Installation heights between 6 and 15m
Can be installed at extreme forward and aft positions
Flexible installation and capacity
Extremely stable, even in very rough seas
Simple to operate and requires few crew members
Can be used as means of rescue (MOR)
Can be used in combination with a wide range of different liferaft types
Complies with international regulations

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VIKING Evacuation Slide, Single Track

The VIKING single track slide is compact in relation to capacity

Flexible installation and capacity
VIKING's single track system is a compact version of the full sized double track VES system. Like the dual track version, it can be positioned at extreme for and aft positions on the vessel and accompanying liferafts can be stored at a distance from the system and remotely released when required.

A range of liferaft sizes, from 25 person to 50 person, can be used with the system and combined to suit the exact capacity requirements of the ship.

Discreet, integral part of the ship's design
The single track slide system can be built into the ship's side with a cover that sits flush to the exterior. Installation lines discreetly follow the horizontal lines on the vessel, making the VES-ED one of the most discreet built in slide systems available.

Ideal for large standby rescue vessels as a means of rescue.

Special features
Evacuates approx. 250 people in 30 minutes
Installation height between 3.5 and 7,2 m
Lightweight system
Natural rubber inflatable slide, platform and liferafts
Direct access to the evacuation system from the accommodation area
Easy to remove for servicing
Available either as built in or free on deck version
Selected flag state approvals

Further information in VIKING Safetyshop
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